My Chemical Romance - Black Parade

My Chemical Romance - Black Parade

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2LP Reissue
Side D is Etched (Non-Playable)

Side 1
A1 The End.
A2 Dead!
A3 This Is How I Disappear
A4 The Sharpest Lives
A5 Welcome To The Black Parade

Side 2
B1 I Don't Love You
B2 House Of Wolves
B3 Cancer
B4 Mama

Side 3
C1 Sleep
C2 Teenagers
C3 Disenchanted
C4 Famous Last Words
C5 Blood

Side 4
Etching (Not Playable)

Bass - Mikey Way
Drummer - Bob Bryar
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals - Frank Iero
Lead Guitar, Vocals - Ray Toro
Vocals – Gerard Way


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