Corrosion of Conformity - Blind

Corrosion of Conformity - Blind

$34.99 USD


2LP 30th Anniversary Reissue
Mastered for Vinyl
Contains 9 bonus tracks

A1 These Shrouded Temples...
A2 Damned For All Time
A3 Dance Of The Dead
A4 Buried
A5 Break The Circle

B1 Painted Smiling Face
B2 Mine Are The Eyes Of God
B3 Shallow Ground
B4 Vote With A Bullet
B5 Great Purification
B6 White Noise

C1 Echoes In The Well
C2 ...Remain
C3 Condition A / Condition B
C4 Future / Now
C5 Jim Bean And The Coon Ass
C6 Damned For All Time (Demo 1991)
C7 Dance Of The Dead (Demo 1991)

D1 Days Of The Rage (Hard Reign) (Demo 1991)
D2 Buried (Demo 1988)
D3 Fast Song (Instrumental) (Demo 1988)
D4 Slow Song / Buried (Instrumental) (Demo 1988)


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