Catwoman (2018) #16

Catwoman (2018) #16

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Catwoman #16
(W/A/CA) Joelle Jones
Selina Kyle joins the Year of the Villain! Finally* Lex Luthor's gift to Catwoman is revealed. While she wants to remain on the side of good* some habits are too hard to break* and some treasures too tempting. Plus* the gift puts Catwoman one step ahead of her top criminal rival in Villa Hermosa* the diabolical Raina Creel. In this big new story arc* Eisner-nominated writer/artist Jo lle Jones brings together the many plot threads she's been building since the series' launch* prepping Catwoman for her next grand adventure. But will she come out the other side as a hero...or villain?

Series: Catwoman (2018)

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