Batman Urban Legends #22 Sherman Var

Batman Urban Legends #22 Sherman Var

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Batman Urban Legends #22
(W/A) Various (CA) Hayden Sherman
Written by Jamal Campbell, Joey Esposito, Dennis Culver and Yedoye Travis Art by Jamal Campbell, Vasco Georgeiv, Hayden Sherman,and others All-star creator Jamal Campbell begins a two-part Nightwing story featuring new villain the Director, who films crime scenes. The Murder Club and the Court of Owls create a mystery too deep for Batman to solve as the Bat-Family crumbles. Arkham Academy gets a guest instructor who doesn't care whether the students live or die. And in a story set in Gotham's past, Anarky empowers the citizens of Gotham City with Batman's tools.

Series: Batman Urban Legends

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