Batman & the Joker the Deadly Duo #01 Capullo "Batman" Var

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Batman & the Joker the Deadly Duo #1
(W/A) Marc Silvestri (CA) Greg Cappulo
The Joker will go to any lengths to get Harley Quinn back after she is abducted by a strange culprit. But who? Mysterious* Joker-like monsters are stalking the streets of Gotham* collecting severed heads. But why? Jim Gordon is missing* and after receiving a package containing a bloody piece of Gotham's commissioner* Batman knows he must be willing to do anything to save him. But how? When The Joker proposes an uneasy alliance with Batman* the answers to those questions begin to become clear--and they will shake Gotham City and the Bat-Family to their core. This meticulously crafted tale of the Dark Knight's deadliest team-up will introduce you to a grim and gritty Gotham that only Marc Silvestri could bring you.
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