Superman Space Age #03 1:25 Derington Var Back Issues DC Comics Default Title

Superman Space Age #03 1:25 Derington Var

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Superman Space Age #3
(W) Mark Russell (A) Mike Allred (CA) Nick Derington
THE END IS NIGH! As red skies reign, Superman does what he can to make the world a better place for as long as it continues to exist. But money is power in the greed-driven '80s, and villains like Lex Luthor seem poised to win in the end. Little do they know, there are bigger things to worry about and the hero they've grown to hate is their only hope against this crisis! Don't miss the riveting finale of this soon-to-be-classic miniseries!

Series: Superman Space Age
Final Date For Orders: January 22, 2023
Expected Release Date: February 21, 2023

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