Star Wars (2019) #108 Blank Var Blank Covers Marvel Comics Default Title

Star Wars (2019) #108 Blank Var

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Star Wars #108
(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Giuseppe Camuncoli, Various
THE ALL-NEW NEXT ISSUE TO THE ORIGINAL MARVEL STAR WARS SERIES! A long time ago on a spinner rack far* far away...STAR WARS comics were a LOT different than they are now! With wild and intricately plotted storylines* MARVEL's historic original run introduced an array of unique heroes and villains to play alongside GEORGE LUCAS's incredibly popular science-fantasy characters. In celebration of MARVEL'S 80TH ANNIVERSARY* this Legends-era sequel to legendary comic book writer Archie Goodwin's "Crimson Forever" reunites HAN SOLO* LUKE SKYWALKER* PRINCESS LEIA* CHEWBACCA* C-3PO and R2-D2 with JAXXON* AMAIZA FOXTRAIN* DOMINA TAGGE and VALANCE THE HUNTER in a galaxy-threatening* nostalgic roller coaster! STRAP YOURSELVES IN! Rated T

Series: Star Wars (2019)