Punchline the Gotham Game #05 Kung Var

Punchline the Gotham Game #05 Kung Var

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Punchline the Gotham Game #5
(W) Tini Howard, Blake Howard (A) Gleb Melnikov (CA) Crystal Kung
THE BATTLE FOR PORT ROYAL! As Bluebird and Nightwing desperately search for brother, Cullen, Punchline's expansion of the Royal Flush Gang takes a terrifying technological turn. The nanotech experiments she's been conducting with 1-0 will allow her to create an army of A.C.E. robots, and nothing beats a hand full of A.C.E.s...Nightwing and Bluebird are in for a world of hurt.

Series: Punchline the Gotham Game
Final Date For Orders: February 5, 2023
Expected Release Date: February 28, 2023

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