Magic - Secret Lair Mirrodinsanity Magic Sealed Wizards of the Coast Default Title

Magic - Secret Lair Mirrodinsanity

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So?we were like, “Hey DXTR,?we really like that card you did for us before.?Wanna?do a cycle of artifact lands?” And DXTR was like, “Yup.” And like, we were expecting some super cool hand-painted, pixel-art inspired pieces but instead he went ALL?OUT?and we got these WILD pieces just dripping with detail and lore.?Krark’s?on one of ‘em! AND his thumb! There’s so much going on and every inch of it just oozes cool! (Actual cards do not ooze or drip.)? • 1x Borderless Ancient Den • 1x Borderless Seat of the Synod?? • 1x Borderless Vault of Whispers • 1x Borderless Great Furnace • 1x Borderless Tree of Tales


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