Lupe Fiasco - Droga's Wave Vinyl 1st & 15th Records Default Title

Lupe Fiasco - Droga's Wave

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Side 1
A1 In The Event Of Typhoon
A2 Drogas
A3 Manilla
A4 Gold Vs The Right Things To Do
A5 Slave Ship

Side 2
B1 WAV Files
B2 Down *Featuring – Nikki Jean
B3 Haile Selassie *Featuring – Nikki Jean

Side 3
C1 Alan Forever *Featuring – Crystal Torres
C2 Helter Skelter Interlude
C3 Stronger *Featuring – Nikki Jean
C4 Sun God Sam & The California Drug Deals *Featuring – Nikki Jean

Side 4
D1 XO *Featuring – Troi Irons
D2 Don't Mess Up The Children Interlude
D3 Jonylah Forever
D4 Kingdom *Featuring – Damian Marley
D5 Baba Kwesi Interlude
D6 Imagine *Featuring – Crystal Torres, Simonsayz

Side 5
E1 Stack That Cheese *Featuring – Nikki Jean
E2 Cripple *Featuring – Elena
E3 King Nas

Side 6
F1 Quotations From Chairman Fred *Featuring – Bishop Edgar Jackson, Nikki Jean
F2 Happy Timbuck2 Day
F3 Mural Jr.


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