Immortal Hulk TP 08 Keeper of the Door Marvel Marvel Comics Default Title

Immortal Hulk TP 08 Keeper of the Door

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Follow the Leader! The Hulks archenemy has set his sights on infiltrating the green behemoths friend group in preparation to enact his nefarious, long-fomenting plans. But can the Leader push the immortal Hulk beyond his breaking point? Meanwhile, when Bruce Banner first came to Shadow Base, he was cut up into pieces and stored in jars but he was only the second test subject. The first subject has just been freed! Plus: Some time ago, an outside force entered Bruce Banners system. The Devil Hulk says its the Green Scar. The Green Scar says its the Devil Hulk. They might both be wrong! But now, deep in Banners mind, something is reaching through the Green Door and it wants to hurt Banner badly. And the Devil Hulk takes that personally. Al Ewings best-selling, Eisner Awardnominated story continues! Collecting IMMORTAL HULK #36-40. Rated T+

Series: Immortal Hulk