Harley Quinn (2021) #15 Chew Var Back Issues DC Comics Default Title

Harley Quinn (2021) #15 Chew Var

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Harley Quinn #15
(W) Stephanie Phillips (A) Riley Rossmo (CA) Derrick Chew
They really tried to throw me in prison for somethin’ I didn’t do! I mean, this time I didn’t do anything. In the past, I did things. Lots of things...But that’s not the point. The point is, I’m innocent! It’s a frame job, I tell ya! The only way out of this is to catch the real culprit, and for that I need Batwoman. Seriously, who doesn’t need Batwoman? Skintight suit, mucho muscles, and that hair! Anyways, Batwoman’s in this one, and we might finally reveal Verdict’s true identity! Will the mystery be solved in time to save my good name? DUN DUN DUN!

Series: Harley Quinn (2021)

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