Detective Comics (2016) #1071 Kelley Jones Var

Detective Comics (2016) #1071 Kelley Jones Var

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Detective Comics #1071
(W) Ram V, Simon Spurrier (A) Riccardo Federici, Caspar Wijngaard (CA) Kelley Jones
Shoes a.k.a Cheshire Cat continues to prowl the tunnels of Gotham looking for answers of her past, and when she runs into a horde of Azmer underneath the city...she makes an unlikely friend who was born on a Monday. Meanwhile, the Orgham's long running ties with the League of Assassins is revealed by Talia Al Ghul, and the truths of their relationship affects both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Then, in the backup, Mr. Freeze continues his interrogation of Dr. Mead (or as he calls it, his research) regarding how to fix Nora so that she'll return to him as Mrs. Fries and love him again.

Series: Detective Comics (2016)
Final Date For Orders: April 2, 2023
Expected Release Date: April 25, 2023

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