Blue Book TP 01 1961 Independent Dark Horse Comics Default Title

Blue Book TP 01 1961

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Blue Book
(W) James Tynion IV (A) Michael Avon Oeming
An ambitious* non-fiction comic book experience depicting true stories of UFO abductions with an eye to capturing the strange essence of those encounters. In Blue Book* teaming with artist Michael Avon Oeming and letterer Aditya Bidikar* Tynion presents what he calls his "True Weird" stories. Tales of ordinary people encountering the strange and the impossible. Volume 1 retells the infamous case of the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill of New Hampshire in 1961 the very first widely-publicized UFO abduction that went on to shape and influence all future encounter stories. Collects the Dark Horse Comics series Blue Book #1-5* originally published on Substack.

Series: Blue Book
Final Date For Orders: May 8, 2023
Expected Release Date: September 20, 2023

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