Black Adam the Justice Society Files Hawkman #01

Black Adam the Justice Society Files Hawkman #01

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Black Adam The Justice Society Case Files Hawkman
(W) Cavan Scott, Bryan Q. Miller (A) Scot Eaton, Marco Santucci, Norm Rapmund (CA) Kaare Andrews
Long ago, Hawkman was the leader of the Justice Society, but what is he now? Still a hero or another relic in a museum? Everything changes when he finds himself haunted by not only the past, but also the vengeful spirit of a wayward thief. Will this Gentleman Ghost be the death of Hawkman or will he deliver a warning from beyond the grave? The road to Black Adam begins here. Also in this issue: As a pivotal moment in the life of Teth-Adam and his son Hurut begins to unfold in ancient Kahndaq, modern-day Kahndaq meets a new hero—antiquities professor by day, cultural recovery specialist by night, Adrianna Tomaz. And unfortunately for Adrianna, she’s about to liberate a sacred totem from the wrong interested party—Intergang!

Series: Black Adam the Justice Society Files

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