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Batman Vs Robin #01 Middleton Var

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Batman Vs Robin #1
(W) Mark Waid (A) Mahmud A. Asrar (CA) Joshua Middleton
Spinning out of the events of both Batman/Superman: World's Finest and Shadow War* father and son will do battle in one of the single most earth-shattering tales ever told! Deep in the heart of Lazarus Island* the demonic legacy of the al Ghul family line has at last been freed* and the Devil Nezha is out for blood. To reclaim his total domination over planet Earth* Nezha has supercharged magic-anyone who dares use it is overcome by a demonic evil that supercharges their abilities to dangerous* unpredictable* and in some cases deadly levels! With Damian in Nezha's clutches and Bruce haunted by the return of an old friend* the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder are pitted against one another in the battle of the century! Legendary writer Mark Waid helms the next epic saga in Batman history* while superstar artist Mahmud Asrar makes his triumphant return to DC!

Series: Batman Vs Robin

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