Batman Urban Legends #23 Jamal Campbell Var

Batman Urban Legends #23 Jamal Campbell Var

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Batman Urban Legends #23
(W/A) Various (CA) Cully Hamner
FINAL ISSUE Written by Jamal Campbell, Joey Esposito, Dennis Culver, and Kenny Porter Art by Jamal Campbell, Vasco Georgiev, Hayden Sherman, and Simone Di Meo The final issue of the landmark anthology series is here! Jamal Campbell's epic Nightwing two-parter draws to a close. Batman has to defeat the Time Commander to get the Waynes back to their time. The first graduating class of Arkham Academy decides their fate and future course! And in a flashback story to the beginning of Dick Grayson's tenure as Robin, he has to save Batman's life.

Series: Batman Urban Legends
Expected Release Date: January 10, 2023

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