Batman Streets of Gotham #08

Batman Streets of Gotham #08

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Batman Street of Gotham #8
(W) Marc Andreyko, Mike Benson (A) Jeremy Haun, Dustin Nguyen (CA) Dustin Nguyen
The rash of child abductions requires decisive action* so Robin goes undercover to learn more about the missing kids. But what can he do when he winds up a prisoner in Zsasz's slaughterhouse? Can even a highly trained warrior escape from the frighteningly evil clutches of Zsasz? And in the Manhunter co-feature* Kate has to deal with the results of her recent encounter with Two-Face. But is prepared to uncover the mystery surrounding the former D.A.'s death? And can she even trust Two-Face's word? 40 pg, FC

Series: Batman Streets of Gotham

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