Batman Gotham Knights Gilded City #03

Batman Gotham Knights Gilded City #03

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Batman Gotham Knights Gilded City #3
(W) Evan Narcisse (A) Abel (CA) Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion
In the Gotham City of the 1800s, Runaway has awoken in the subterranean laboratory of the Court of Owls! But when a new, rather savage ally enters the fray, Runaway is faced with a centuries-old mystery. Meanwhile, in the present, Nightwing and Robin are thrown for a loop when they face off against crazed victims of the Golden Iris an abandoned amusement park! Each issue will also offer a code for readers to redeem in the Gotham Knights game for an exclusive item. For issue 3, readers will receive a code for an exclusive skin variant for Batgirl's tonfa! Readers who redeem the codes for all 6 issues will receive a special 7th item! *Terms apply. See the FAQs on for details. This title will be a full copy return.

Series: Batman Gotham Knights Gilded City

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