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Batman (1940) #181 Facsimile Edition Blank Var

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Batman #181
(W) Robert Kanigher, Gardner Fox (A) Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson
REPRINTING THE FIRST APPEARANCE OF POISON IVY! Art by Sheldon Moldoff, Carmine Infantino, and others In this historic issue, Batman and Robin encounter the irresistible Poison Ivy, who is out to prove that she should be public enemy number one! To accomplish this feat, she enacts a plan to turn the underworld’s other female villains against each other and attempts to seduce the Batman to her side. Will the Caped Crusader be entranced by her charms? Find out in this facsimile edition featuring all the original stories and ads from the 1960s.

Series: Batman (1940)
Final Date For Orders: April 9, 2023
Expected Release Date: May 2, 2023