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Alien TP 03 Icarus

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(W) Philip Kennedy Johnson (A) Julius Ohta (CA) Bjorn Barends
Man* machine and the most terrifying creature in the universe! It's an express elevator to hell* and you'll want to be on it! A small colony of synths has settled in secret on a backwater moon. When a company of United System soldiers comes to them for help retrieving biotechnology on a hostile planet that could be the key to saving humanity* the synths must decide whether the prospect of peace between man and machine is worth the risk of betrayal. Because "Steel Team" the legendary* unkillable Synthetic Special Operations team is the United Systems' only hope as they navigate the hellscape that the once-idyllic Tobler-9 has become. Since its mysterious downfall years earlier* Tobler-9 is considered one of the most hostile environments in the known universe a place where nothing organic could possibly have survived...or could it? Collecting ALIEN (2022) #1-6.

Series: Alien (2022)
Final Date For Orders: February 27, 2023
Expected Release Date: May 10, 2023