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Action Comics (2016) #1050 Perkins Var

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Action Comics #1050
(W) Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Tom Taylor, Joshua Williamson (A) Mike Perkins, Clayton Henry, Nick Dragotta (CA) Mike Perkins
The Dark Crisis is over* and a new dawn shines on the DCU! In the wake of cataclysmic battles with Mongul* Henry Bendix* and Pariah's Dark Army* Kal-El is back on Earth and here to stay. And the people of our planet are ready to look up* up* and away into a brighter tomorrow. Well...most of the people. Clark Kent's reunion with Lois and his son* Jon Kent* proves fleeting when strikes the ultimate attack from Superman's greatest adversary: Lex Luthor. But this time something is different...Luthor has stolen something from Clark's life* something so important that it will change the very planet itself! If you think you've seen the biggest battle between Superman and Lex Luthor--think again! This clash will rock the course of their lives forever...and it's only the beginning. Two years' worth of Superman stories come to a head in this oversize anniversary issue with all-star talent that launches Superman and the DCU into an exciting new era!

Series: Action Comics (2016)
Expected Release Date: January 10, 2023