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Action Comics (2016) #1047 Szerdy Var

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Action Comics #1047
(W) Philip Kennedy Johnson (A) Dale Eaglesham, David Lapham (CA) Nathan Szerdy
In the aftermath of Superman's epic Warworld Revolution* the Man of Steel is back on Earth and stronger than he's ever been! As he and Steel join forces to remake Metropolis as a true City of Tomorrow* two of Superman's most iconic villains take notice...and they have plans of their own. Meanwhile* Superman's meddling on Warworld has had unforeseen consequences: he's awakened an enemy so ancient and powerful* even this stronger-than-ever Superman will need the whole Super-Family to face it. Introducing new characters and beginning this new chapter in Superman's mythology* don't miss the kickoff to the countdown to Action Comics #1050!

Series: Action Comics (2016)

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