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3rd Bass - Cactus Album

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Def Jam 30 Recording reissue

Side 1
A1 Stymie's Theme
A2 Sons Of 3rd Bass
A3 Russell Rush
A4 The Gas Face *Rap – Zev Love X
A5 Monte Hall
A6 Oval Office
A7 Hoods
A8 Soul In The Hole
A9 Triple Stage Darkness
A10 M.C. Disagree

Side 2
B1 Wordz Of Wizdom
B2 Product Of The Environment
B3 Desert Boots
B4 The Cactus
B5 Jim Backus
B6 Flippin' Off The Wall Like Lucy Ball
B7 Brooklyn-Queens
B8 Steppin' To The A.M.
B9 Episode #3
B10 Who's On Third