Aesop Rock - Spirit World Field Guide Vinyl Rhymesayers Entertainment Default Title

Aesop Rock - Spirit World Field Guide

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2LP Clear Vinyl

Side 1
A1 Hello From The Spirit World *Vocals – Heidi Hopfer
A2 The Gates
A3 Button Masher
A4 Dog At The Door
A5 Gauze

Side 2
B1 Pizza Alley
B2 Crystal Sword
B3 Boot Soup *Vocals – Homeboy Sandman
B4 Coveralls

Side 3
C1 Jumping Coffin *Scratches – DJ Zone
C2 Holy Waterfall
C3 Flies
C4 Salt *Scratches – DJ Zone
C5 Sleeper Car
C6 1 To 10

Side 4
D1 Attaboy
D2 Kodokushi
D3 Fixed And Dilated *Scratches – DJ Zone
D4 Side Quest
D5 Marble Cake
D6 The Four Winds