Aesop Rock - Skelethon Vinyl Rhymesayers Entertainment Default Title

Aesop Rock - Skelethon

$42.99 USD


3LP Reissue
10th Anniversary on Creme & Black Marble Vinyl
LP 3 is single sided

Side 1
A1 Leisureforce
A2 ZZZ Top
A3 Cycles To Gehenna

Side 2
B1 Zero Dark Thirty
B2 Fryerstarter
B3 Ruby '81
B4 Crows 1
B5 Crows 2

Side 3
C1 Racing Stripes
C2 1,000 O'Clock
C3 Homemade Mummy
C4 Grace

Side 4
D1 Saturn Missiles
D2 Tetra
D3 Gopher Guts

Side 5
E1 Dokken Rules
E3 Zero Dark Thirty (Blockhead Remix)
E4 Cycles to Gehenna (Zavala Remix)


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