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Aesop Rock - Integrated Tech Solutions

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2LP White Opaque Vinyl

Side 1
A1 The Its Way
A2 Mindful Solutionism
A3 Infinity Fill Goose Down
A4 Living Curfew *Featuring – Billy Woods
A5 Pigeonometry

Side 2
B1 Kyanite Toothpick *Featuring – Hanni El Khatib
B2 100 Feet Tall
B3 Salt And Pepper Squid
B4 Time Moves Differently Here

Side 3
C1 Aggressive Steven
C2 Bermuda *Featuring – Lealani
C3 By The River
C4 All City Nerve Map

Side 4
D1 Forward Compatibility Engine *Featuring – Rob Sonic
D2 On Failure
D3 Solid Gold
D4 Vititus
D5 Black Snow *Featuring – Nikki Jean