Aesop Rock - Float Vinyl Rhymesayers Entertainment Default Title

Aesop Rock - Float

$29.99 USD


2LP 20th anniversary green vinyl reissue

Side 1
A1 Float
A2 Commencement At The Obedience Academy
A3 Big Bang
A4 Garbage
A5 I'll Be OK *Guest Vocals – Slug

Side 2
B1 Breakfast With Blockhead
B2 Basic Cable
B3 Fascination
B4 Oxygen
B5 Skip Town

Side 1
C1 6B Panorama
C2 Lunch With Blockhead
C3 Spare A Match
C4 Attention Span *Guest Vocals – Vastaire
C5 How To Be A Carpenter

Side 2
D1 Prosperity
D2 No Splash
D3 Drawbridge *Guest Vocals – Doseone
D4 Dinner With Blockhead
D5 The Mayor And The Crook


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