Collection: Final Orders Due

Current Orders Due Deadlines For All Publishers: 07/22/2024 6:00PM

Other ordering cutoffs:

PREORDERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! Up until 24 hours before the ordering deadline, you can purchase and secure your copies. Ratio variants are not available for preorder, as we are not sure if we will have these. If you are interested in those, please contact us. Also, your entire order will ship when completely fulfilled, and you can contact us if you need different solutions for shipping.

Hold Slot members can reserve copies by sending a message to the store.  Requests before 6:00PM on the Final Order Due Date can include requests for as many copies as you would like. After that point, orders are committed, and requests are limited to one per person.

Ratio variants are offered as a first-come, first-served basis, as we may have limited quantities or may not qualify for some.  If you specifically would like information about those, contact us directly here or at and we will be able to give you details. The sooner you ask, the higher the chance that we can meet requests, because past the deadline we are unable to order them.

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