WildC.A.Ts. (2022) #04 Talaski Var

WildC.A.Ts. (2022) #04 Talaski Var

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Wildcats #4
(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Stephen Segovia (CA) David Talaski
While the Seven Soldiers are taking all the credit, the WildC.A.T.s are taking a beating. With one team capturing the hearts and minds of the public, the other is at risk of being captured and killed. Will Grifter's hunt for the Court of Owls cost him everything? And if he falls, who will fall with him? Not everyone is walking away from this one.

Series: WildC.A.Ts. (2022)
Final Date For Orders: January 22, 2023
Expected Release Date: February 14, 2023

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