Undiscovered Country TP 01

Undiscovered Country TP 01

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Undiscovered Country
(W) Scott Snyder, Charles Soule (A) Giuseppe Camuncoli & Various (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli. The smash-hit series written by New York Times-bestselling writers SCOTT SNYDER (WYTCHES* A.D.: AFTER DEATH) and CHARLES SOULE (CURSE WORDS* Oracle Year* Anyone) with art by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI (The Amazing Spider-Man* Darth Vader* Hellblazer)* DANIELE ORLANDINI (Darth Vader)* newcomer LEONARDO MARCELLO GRASSI* and Eisner Award-winning colorist MATT WILSON (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE* PAPER GIRLS) gets its first collection! Journey into an unknown region that was once the United States of America-a land that's become shrouded in mystery and literally walled off from the rest of the world for well over a century. Two small expeditions enter the former US simultaneously-one from the east* one from the west-and travel inward* each seeking their own form of truth as they struggle to survive in this strange and deadly lost continent! Collects UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #1-6.

Series: Undiscovered Country

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