Star Wars (1998) #38

Star Wars (1998) #38

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Star Wars #38
(W) John Ostrander (A) Davide Fabbri, Christian Vecchia, Dave McCaig (CA) Jan Duursema, Dave McCaig
The Stark Hyperspace War gets more intense. To prevent the Republic Senate from surrendering* the Jedi must get Senator Valorum back to Coruscant. The assaults grow heavier on the remnants of the Republic forces on Troiken and the fragile defense falls increasingly to Plo Koon. Can Qui-Gon Jinn find the secret of the virus that has corrupted the Republic nav computers and open up the hyperspace lanes to the Republic again? Meanwhile* Tholme and his apprentice* Quinlan Vos* struggle to get what they've learned back to the other Jedi. FC* 32pg (3 of 4)

Series: Star Wars (1998)

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