Star Wars (1998) #29

Star Wars (1998) #29

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Star Wars #29
(W) Timothy Truman (A) Davide Fabbri, Christian Vecchia, Dave McCaig (CA) Jon Foster
With a team of Jedi on her tail* the murderous Aurra Sing meets her next clients exiled Quarrens from the planet Mon Calimari. The Quarrens seek revenge on the one who caused them to be banished from their ocean homeworld. And Aurra takes a special interest in this new job when she learns that her next hit is on the one she once called "teacher" the Dark Woman! But Aurra's date with her former master gets put on hold when she is confronted in space by a Jedi cruiser! Make sure you don't miss this second thrilling chapter of "The Hunt for Aurra Sing!" FC* 32pg (2 of 4)

Series: Star Wars (1998)

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