Bishop War College #04

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Bishop War College #4
(W) J Holtham (A) Duarte, Alberto Foche, Sean Hill (CA) Ken Lashley
NEW FUTURE... SAME PROBLEMS! When the two Bishops arrive at the Tucker Institute to search for Tempo* they find the facility under attack by the Human Liberation Front - an anti-mutant extremist group made up of this alternate future Earth's versions of MOIRA MacTAGGERT* FEILONG* TONY STARK and SIMON TRASK. When the fight hits a critical point* a familiar face comes to the Bishop's aid. Meanwhile* back on Earth-616* Armor* Surge* Cam Long* Aura Charles and Amass are embroiled in battle against Orchis and the Struckers. Blood will be shed and truths will be revealed in this penultimate issue of BISHOP: WAR COLLEGE! Rated T+

Series: Bishop War College
Final Date For Orders: April 24, 2023
Expected Release Date: May 24, 2023

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