Batman Superman Worlds Finest #02 1:50 Jimenez Var

Batman Superman Worlds Finest #02 1:50 Jimenez Var

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Batman/Superman: World's Finest #2
(W) Mark Waid (A) Dan Mora (CA) Jorge Jimenez
The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight have arrived at the compound of Niles Caulder—the Chief in charge of that strange band of misfits known as the Doom Patrol—but all is not as it seems. While Batman works with Niles to cure Superman of his freakish transformations, a side mission to track a mysterious figure known as "the Demon" attracts the Dark Knight’s attention…and moreover, it could have some connection to Superman’s poisoning at the hands of Metallo! It’s danger, intrigue, and the surprise appearance of Deadman in chapter two of World’s Finest!

Series: Batman/Superman: World's Finest

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