Atmosphere - Seven's Travels Vinyl Rhymesayers Entertainment Default Title

Atmosphere - Seven's Travels

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3LP Reissue

Side 1
A1 History
A2 Trying To Find Balance
A3 Bird Sings Why The Caged I Know
A4 Reflections

Side 2
B1 Gotta Lotta Walls
B2 Keys To Life Vs. 15 Minutes Of Fame
B3 Apple
B4 Suicidegirls

Side 3
C1 Jason
C2 Cats Van Bags
C3 Los Angeles
C4 Lifter Puller

Side 4
D1 Shoes
D2 National Disgrace
D3 Denvemolorado
D4 Liquor Lyles Cool July

Side 5
E1 Good Times (Sick Pimpin')
E2 In My Continental
E3 Always Coming Back Home To You

Side 6
F1 Say Shh
F3 On The Battlefield
F4 Quiet Pimpin'